Airflow below substrate reduces disease risk, optimizes drainage

The drawback of growing a higher yielding crop is an increase of plant load. The combination of more, larger and heavier fruits can have a big impact on the crop, especially in a substrate crop when the root system has to carry the weight of the entire crop. Placing special spacers between the substrate slabs and the gutter can therefore be used to give the roots in the bottom of the bag some relief and improve the drainage.

Clogged drainage holes in the substrate bags are often the result of saturated root systems and the weight of the crop. Hydroponic Systems’ Spacer is designed to lift the entire bag with 6 centimeters and increase the drainage capacity.
“Proper drainage and circulation is a critical aspect in order to maintain a stable production and decrease the risk of fungal plant diseases”, explained Vahid Bagheri of Hydroponic Systems. “Creating a space and airflow between the bag and gutter is a simple, but patented solution to avoid any problems and maintain a proper drainage system.”
The spacer is said to be increasingly used by hydroponic greenhouse growers who previously experienced many troubles with clogged bags and root and plant diseases.


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