Genetic improvement of almond trees


Nuts, Almond tree

Cliente: Producer

The objective of the CEBAS-CSIC Almond Tree Breeding program is to obtain new varieties adapted to the different climatic conditions of the producing regions.

The new varieties are obtained through classical breeding, by intraspecific crosses. Hundreds of new descendants are obtained each year, on which selection is carried out using new biotechnological tools and traditional agronomic evaluation. The ultimate goal is to provide the producer with profitable varieties for each situation.

Most of the varieties obtained are late flowering (Marta, Antoñeta) or extra-late flowering (Penta, Makako) in order to be cultivated in areas with a high risk of frost. Aware of the current expansion of almond trees to warm areas, we already have selections adapted to these areas, some of them with soft shells, similar to the American varieties. All of them are self-compatible, so they can be grown without pollinator varieties.

CSIC currently markets these varieties in Spain and other European Union countries, as well as in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, the United States and Australia. Contracts are made with nurseries and growers, with specific operating conditions in each case.