Circular economy in viticulture and oenology



Cliente: Research Center

The objective is to establish sustainable production guidelines from the triple economic, social and environmental perspective of the vineyard and the corresponding wineries, in parallel to the possible generation of alternative activities around the vineyard and wine towards the achievement of a circular and green economy. Furthermore, the aim is to inform consumers of the advantages of these production systems and differentiated quality products, as a mechanism for commercial advantage and an increase in the added value of the products.

The solutions provided by this project are the reduction of production costs through an improvement in the efficiency of resources such as energy and water throughout the wine production chain; environmental benefits, particularly in terms of reduction of impacts and reduction in the use of resources; recovery of waste and by-products that provide additional economic benefits of circular economy practices, in terms of job creation or wealth creation; transfer through branding and effective communication to consumers of the advantages of sustainable products linked to the territory and rural environment based on the above results.

In addition to IMIDA, the project involves wineries, wine cooperatives and the University of Murcia.