Maquinaria Fitosanitaria Herpa, S.L. (MFHERPA) is a manufacturer of agricultural sprayers located in Murcia, Spain. Founded in 1994 by Francisco Hernández Pagán, in order to meet the needs of the agricultural market, HERPA has become a recognised company both nationally and internationally.

With its new factory  in  Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia), HERPA has more than 3,500 square feet spread between factory, warehouse and offices.

HERPA has highly qualified and constantly trained team that allows us to stay updated on the latest technological advances in the agricultural spraying field.

HERPA has a wide range of agricultural spraying machinery: engine pump units, wheelbarrow and over-platform sprayers, vehicle and tractor trailed sprayers, manual and hydraulic booms, tractor mounted and tractor trailed mist blowers, tractor mounted boom sprayers, etc. Each of our sprayers incorporates the latest technological innovations.

Avd trabajo N 116, Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia), CP:30565, Spain

(+34) 968-627483