A key sector in the technological evolution of farming in the Region of Murcia during the last years is that of the organic irrigation, more accurate dosage of water techniques and fertilisers needed for every crop. On the one hand, it means an important saving in manual labour, a better distribution of resources, as well as providing a better labour safety by avoiding the operators to deposit the fertilisers when entering the greenhouse. These systems, totally computerised and automated, control the amount of water and fertilisers needed and correct parameters of electrical conductivity, PH, which is very favourable in high performance crops.

This equipment has been modernised over time and nowadays there are phytosanitary humidifiers that, when combined with fans, they distribute the fertilisers as a way of suspended fog that locates in the underside of the plant obtaining the maximum effectiveness. The radialinjectors are another application in the field of organic irrigation. With organic irrigation systems, farmers have saved in manual labour and they allow to correct the quality parameters of water for irrigation and poor grounds, as well as increasing labour safety in their exploitations.