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The AgritechMurcia platform is comprised of a group of agricultural technology firms which are leaders in Europe and the world. With the support of research centers and the administration of the Region of Murcia (Spain), AgritechMurcia offers a wide array of safe and reliable products and solutions aimed at meeting the specific needs of farmers and their associations.

The Region of Murcia is located in the southeastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula Its surface area is 11,314 km², which represents 2.2% of total Spanish territory. The Region of Murcia enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with an average of 35º C in the summer and 10º C in the winter. Yearly rainfall is scarcely 225 l/m2, with very dry summer periods. The main advantage of this region is that boasts clear skies most of the year, with more than 2,800 hours of sunshine annually.

Difficult farming conditions in a dry, Mediterranean climate characterized by a lack of rain and the resulting scarce water resources, combined with poor water quality and soil lacking in nutrients, have given rise to an ongoing drive towards technological innovation aimed at finding effective ways of achieving greater profitability and high quality products. As a result, Murcia has become internationally recognized for its advanced agricultural techniques.

The features of Murcia make it an ideal region for farming; thus, it is no surprise to find a large variety of crops including citrus fruits, stone fruits, vegetables (outdoor and greenhouse) and flowers. All these Murcian products are highly valued in international markets.

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