Specialist course in hemp cultivation in greenhouses with technology

GREENHOUSES, TRAINING, University education

Cannabis, Several crops

The course covers all the necessary knowledge for the production of crops in greenhouses with high technological equipment and can make the most of the facilities in order to maximize yields and use of resources, specializing in the cultivation of hemp including agronomic management in terms of nutrition and crop health.

Hemp cultivation has countless industrial, pharmaceutical and food uses, making this plant an ideal candidate for investors and farmers looking to maximise their profits in a sector with a wide range of possibilities.

Online/semipresential mode, with classes and online tutorials by videoconference on Thursday afternoons, from 16:00 to 20:00 hours (Spanish time), compatible with working hours and different time zones. It is optional to follow the class live and we offer the possibility to consult the recorded classes afterwards. On-line/optionally face-to-face practicals in Cartagena and End of course work with development of a practical case.

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