CEBAS-CSIC organizes the I Conference IWA of water reuse and salinity management

IWARESA Conference que se celebra del 11 al 15 de junio en Murcia estará centrada en las regiones del Mediterráneo y Medio Oriente

The first IWARESA CONFERENCE edition on water reuse and salinity management, organized by CEBAS-CESIC – member of AgritechMurcia- and the IWA Association, will address how to cope with water scarcity in coastal areas and arid and semi-arid climate induced by the climate change.

European, American and African experts will analyze the challenges and experiences presented by the use of water from unconventional sources, the salinization risks in areas where the aquifers are significantly depleted. IWARESA 2018 will bring to the table the latest advances in water reuse and salinity management in the Region of Murcia, an area where salinity and water limits are important factors for a highly productive and technical agriculture.

The First IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse and Salinity Management will take place in Murcia from June 11 to 15 and the following topics are included in the program.

  • Innovation in desalination and water recovery.
  • Renewable energy for water recovery and desalination.
  • Emerging technology to minimize and enhance the brine.
  •  New tools to map salinity on a regional scale.
  • Measurements of salinity of plant and soil field.
  • Best practices for reusing water for irrigation.
  • Programming of irrigation protocols for salt water and / or recovered water.
  • Reuse of industrial and urban water.
  • Sustainable management of soil under irrigation with saline water.
  • Response of crops to salinity and to the added value of salt-tolerant crops.
  • Nutrient and fertilizer management using reclaimed water.
  • Cost and benefits of alternative water resources in agriculture.
  • Socioeconomic impact of salinization and water reuse.
  • Safety aspects of the use of treated wastewater in agriculture
  • Public perception of water reuse and governance standards.
  • The conference organized by the CEBAS-CESIC research center and is sponsored by RITEC, SYMBORD and AZUD, partner companies of the AgritechMurcia platform.

Learn more about the program of the Conference aquí.


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