Greenhouses plastics

Around the sector of greenhouses there is a very important plastic manufacturing industry in the Region of Murcia and it stands out because of its versatility and ability to meet the needs of every crop and climate. For this purpose, they use the most advanced techniques such us triple-layer co-extrusion. All this with the aim of obtaining more durable and resistant films. The specialization has also been very important and they manufacture from anti-condensation films to anti-virus plastics, padded plastics, two-colour silages, etc. In this sense, it is very important to emphasize the barrier films, triple-layer structures with a polyamide central layer allowing to reduce the harmful effect for the environment of some disinfectants used in farming such as Methyl Bromide. The sector of nets manufacturing has a wide range such us outdoor screens, thermal screens, darkening screens.

The companies manufacturing plastics to build greenhouses and crop protection systems are characterised by its versatility and they are able to produce different films for every crop adapted to any climate.