Prakor Tools is a company specialized in developing and commercializing manual tools and machinery for localized irrigation installations and maintenance in a national and international level.
Working problems with dripper irrigation installations have originated our company, built thanks to the close relationship between the professional and big companies related to irrigation sector and the small farmer, installer, gardener and hose and accessories manufacturers.
The result has been our tool line creation, whose goal is to offer a greater economic efficiency due to the reduction on installation times and subsequent water leaks, as well as not being conditioned by schedules nor limited by low temperatures.
Our products have been qualified due to a progressive study on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture and the mechanical simplicity in our designs offering a great operation alreliability in all of the fields where they can be used.
Prakor team is improving and adapting every day to new challenges and changes that are emerging in the irrigation sector.
Prakor means: efficiency, economic savings and safe work.
Save money, save time, no leaks.

Ctra. Cabo de Palos, 44
30366 El Algar. Cartagena

+34 626071500