Fyton was born in 1992 as a nursery specialized in the production of olive trees. After 24 years we keep alive the original idea and we propagate more than 40 varieties for super high density and traditional plantations, consolidating our presence as specialists in the sector of the olive tree nursery. In this time, we have created our own plantations of certified mother plant to guarantee the highest sanitary and varietal quality.

We have achieved productive processes more and more technified and we have incorporated people with a high level of knowledge of the olive world.

In short, we have produced several tens of millions of olive trees for the markets of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Japan, which help to spread the values of the Mediterranean culture and the excellence of a product as unique as olive oil.

For the last five years we have started to produce fruity and almond trees.

Fuente del Pino, s/n
30520 Jumilla. Murcia

+34 968 759 961