The Armando Álvarez Group is composed of 15 companies, complementary to each other, specialized in the different segments and applications of the plastic market, allowing us to have a global vision of the sector, integrate diverse solutions and be at the forefront of new technological developments.

The Armando Álvarez Group is present with its own delegations in Germany, Benelux, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Morocco and Turkey.

The group has one of its factories in the Murcia region, Solplast, which has been working since 1986 to transform agricultural crops through research, technology and creativity into specialised plastics. This is how new products are created with advanced solutions for very specific problems depending on each crop and its application environment. We also work actively on protecting the environment by applying techniques that minimize emissions and waste from the production system, while researching to reduce the environmental impact of all our products, contributing to more sustainable and profitable crops.

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