AgritechMurcia opens new markets in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia

The business group has the support of the INFO in its internationalisation process

The Region exports 20 percent of the national total of irrigation equipment and is the first province in foreign sales in this sector

AgritechMurcia, with the support of INFO, opens new markets in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, countries with remarkable resources and whose governments are developing large agricultural projects.

The director of INFO, Joaquín Gómez, explained that “AgritechMurcia develops an outstanding work both from the perspective of marketing the leading regional technology in agricultural equipment and in the aspect of regional brand image, since its companies are leaders in many markets. The comprehensive offer under the AgritechMurcia name has gained considerable prestige among customers all over the world, as the Region is the leading exporting province in agricultural technology”.

AgritechMurcia is a business initiative, backed by the regional government through INFO, made up of companies from the sector that have the collaboration of the Cebas-Csic and Imida research centres, and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, among others.

The products marketed include greenhouses, irrigation material, organic fertilisers and water management equipment. Their technology is present in more than 100 countries, where they advise and offer integral solutions to governments and cooperation organisations for the development of technical and agribusiness projects in rural areas; to irrigation communities, for the design and implementation of their facilities; and to large and small producers, throughout the entire production process.

Annual sales of agricultural technology in the Region of Murcia are close to 300 million euros, in a sector made up of some 200 companies with a turnover of more than 1,000 million euros and employing some 3,500 workers. The Region exports 20 percent of the national total of irrigation equipment and is the first province in foreign sales in this sector.

The platform, which operates as a partnership, has worked in recent months to consolidate contacts with national and local governments in the former Soviet republics, as well as with multilateral organisations, large engineering companies with access to tenders and investment funds. These countries offer a market opportunity but their bureaucracy is complex. The platform has identified events, related to water and agri-food products, which are attended by governments and organisations with funding capacity.

A few weeks ago AgritechMurcia participated in a meeting with eight representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan, a country where land is public and is given to private individuals for several years on a competitive basis. In this country, the agricultural sector is expected to attract public and private resources in the coming years, having been identified, along with tourism, as one of the main vectors of development. Multilateral organisations such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the European Union are already committed to projects in the area.

AgritechMurcia has also worked during the last six months in West Africa, in the markets of Ivory Coast, Ghana and Gambia, and has participated in the World Water Forum in Senegal. It also maintains commercial relations with Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay.