Localized irrigation

The farmers in Murcia have been working for many years in conditions of lack of water and grounds with low nutrients, leading them to rack their brains and work in order to achieve irrigation systems that optimise the use of water, minimising the waste. With regard to this subject, there is a widerange of products such us plasticbrass spraying, pivot systems, irrigation films, trickle pipes, polythene accessories, PVC, aluminium. Also, a hard work has been done in the development of new irrigation systems adding an absolut precision and totally removing the human error. In this sense, it has been necessary to switch from traditional systems to state-of-the art technology, much more precise and efficient due to its automation. It is necessary to link these improvements to those undertaken in the field of accessories, such as ph sensors, conductivity sensors and other systems that help the plant to assimilate better all nutrients and obtain higher quality products.

Switching from tradicional systems to state-of -the art technology has allowed to increase precision and has meant a better use of water.