The cultivation of nuts

The international market foresees a hopeful horizon for the cultivation of nuts such as almond, hazelnut, walnuts or pistachio. In the last years, there has been an increase in the worldwide consumption of these products and it is expected the demand will be over the offer thanks to:

New consumer markets as China, India, Russia or South Korea. The awareness of a healthier diet and the popular known properties good for the heart of the nuts, characterized for having an important energy value; rich in fat, proteins and trace elements.

Together with the increase in the demand, there is a restrain in the international offer due to the limitations of soil availability and the hydric resources in some of the most important productive areas, as EEUU or Australia.

This context is favouring the growing of new varieties and practices, moving from the traditional agriculture to a more competitive and productive agriculture, that permits intensive and super-intensive plantations.

To obtain the expected results in the cultivation of nuts, it is essential to know the agronomic criteria and to take the appropriate actions during the design, installation, operation and maintenance. In this sense, it is important to invest in high quality materials and to have the suitable technical advice. Betting for a highly technical agriculture, means a fast return of investment.