Arsenic removal

AZUD has developed a technology that saves lives: the water purifiers plants AZUD DW DU are the perfect solution for arsenic removal using ultrafiltration membranes.

In Latin America,AZUD DW DW supplies drinking water to decentralized villages that used to consume arsenic contaminated water.

In the last two decades, in some countries of Latin America, people have consumed double the arsenic allowed by the WHO. Arsenic is one of the 10 most dangerous chemicals for public health, and Latin America is one of the areas with highest levels of the inorganic toxic in underground aquifers, from which most of the water for human consumption comes, as it is estimated that for every 329,000 liters per second supplied, 62% comes from underground sources. Arsenic is a substance that predisposes to the development of diseases such as lung, skin, breast, prostate, kidney, liver and skin cancer and to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

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